A: There are two main ways we have departments keep track of their students. One is having your student(s) keep track of their work study with the Excel on the student employment website titled Work-Study Tracking Sheet. Student Employment posts these at the beginning of each semester. The other way is you're able to run a report on Payroll MyReports titled PEROWSB- Work Study Remaining Balances. You might need to request a BAR role: Payroll MyReports Department User for this to gain access to it.

A: 75/25 Financial Aid split is for accounting purposes only. The student is awarded “x” amount of money and each time the student is paid biweekly. The full amount will be deducted from the initial award. Then financial aid accounting charges the department 25% that was initially paid upfront by Federal or State Work-study.
A: For a salary change, the department would have to submit a “Salary Change EPAN”. EPANs can be found on the student employment website under Department Forms. EPANs can be submitted if the rate increase is under $2.00. Anything over $2.00 would be considered as a promotion.
A: You will need to post a new requisition on UNMJobs with a new job title. This posting can either be an internal noncompetitive (only certain students can apply) or an external non-competitive (anyone can apply). Once the student applies, submit a hiring request and indicate on the hiring request that this is a promotion.
A: Students may work a maximum of 8 hours per day. Students must take at least a 30-minute meal break for every six hours of continuous work. Student employees are due a fifteen-minute rest period within every four hours of scheduled continuous work. Employees and their supervisor should agree, in advance, on the timing of rest periods.
A: Spring break and Winter break domestic students can only work up to 28 hours week and international students can only work up to 20 hours a week. Summer break hours will be determined in the spring semester. Please sign up for the Stuemp-Listserv to be notified when this is published.
A: Report accidents and injuries immediately to supervisor and Employee Occupation Health Services at 505-277-8043. Contact the Safety and Risk Services Department for additional assistance at 505-277-2753. In an emergency contact UNM Police Department at 505-277-2241 or 911.
A: A two or three job memo is needed if a student is working more than one or two jobs on campus. This is an agreement between departments that they will share the student’s hours. 28hrs per week between all positions for domestic students and 20hrs per week between all positions for international students.