Student Employee Pay Scale


Position Class 1 – Entry Level
$11.50 (1/1/2022)
$12.00 (1/1/2023)
Position Class 2 – Intermediate Level
Position Class 3 – Advanced Level
Position Class 4 – Technical Level


Position Class Title/Grade Definitions:

  1. Student Entry Level
    I. Little to no prior experience or education required.
    II. Routine duties may involve little to no degree of responsibility and independent judgment, analysis or decision making skills.
    III. Work is completed under immediate supervision (receives in-depth training on well-established tasks and explained in specific terms).
    IV. Job Title Examples: Admin (Office) Assistant, Front Desk Assistant, Communications Assistant, Data Entry Assistant, Cashier, Event staff, AV Tech, Childcare Aide, Sales Assistant, etc.
  2. Student Intermediate Level
    I. Some previous knowledge, experience or education required.
    II. Some responsibility and skills, perform varied and moderately complex duties involving a moderate degree of responsibility and judgment.
    III. Work is completed under general supervision (objectives are set but methods are left to student employee).
    IV. Job Title Examples: Accounting Assistant, Marketing Assistant, Lead Techs, Lead Peer Advisor, Assistant Manager, Graphic Designer, Head Lifeguard, Tutor
  3. Student Advanced Level
    I. Prior experience, education, or specialized skills required.
    II. Perform varied and complex duties involving a high degree of responsibility and independent judgment and decision-making.
    III. May supervise or regularly lead activities of other student employees.
    IV. Work is completed under general supervision
    V. Job Title Examples: Senior Assistant, Assistant Director, Head Security, Front Desk Manager, IT Tech, Lab Assistant, Lead Tutor
  4. Student Technical Specialist
    I. Specialized knowledge or previous experience required, demonstrated ability to perform the judgment/skills
    II. Work is completed under limited supervision (performs without direct supervision except in most complex situations)
    III. Work may include skilled technical, research, web development, marketing, project or data management; managing other student employees, providing training or advanced instructional support; Supervising research, managing small to mid-level projects or events, providing independent instructional, and/or technical support.
    IV. Job Title Examples: Director, Editor, Office Manager, Student Supervisor, Senior Accounting Assistant, IT Technical Specialist, Faculty Assistant