Employment Requirements

  • Eligibility Requirements:
  • Students MUST be registered in a degree granting college
  • Students MUST meet the required standards for Academic Progress (Workstudy Students only)
  • Students MUST be enrolled for the specified number of hours set for each semester
  • Students MUST present documentation for their I-9
  • Students MUST complete Online Customer Service Training

Enrollment Requirements: 

Workstudy Employees
Student Employment
Summer SessionSession Minimum of 3 credit hoursNo enrollment required

(must have completed at least half time* during previous Spring session & be enrolled for at least half time* for the upcoming Fall session in a degree seeking program) 

*Half time is 6 credit hours for all students.

**Students who are graduating during the summer term do not qualify for the “no enrollment required” exception. Summer graduates must be enrolled at least half-time (3 hours).

FICA taxes will apply if the student is enrolled in less than 3 hrs 

Fall/Spring SessionMust be enrolled at least half time in a degree seeking program.Must be enrolled at least half time in a degree seeking program
Students must complete required UNM Mandatory Training

How Do I Become a Work Study Student?

  • You must have completed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid for current year
  • Request a Work Study award by checking "yes" on your Federal Aid Application
  • Your financial aid application must be in complete status before you will be awarded

How Do I Find Out What Jobs Are Available?

  • First, make sure you have a work study award before you begin your search. If you do not receive an award you may consider acquiring a Student Employment position. Please call the Student Employment Office, (505)277-3511, if you have questions about the difference between Work Study and Student Employment positions.
  • Both Work Study/Student Employment Positions are posted on UNMJobs.unm.edu. If you do not have access to a computer there are many resources on main campus such as the Lobo Lab in the SUB and CIRT pods, and a computer in our office.

Click Here for Student Job Postings

If you have never been employed through UNM you must provide us with documents that satisfy your I-9eligibility.

Elizabeth Amador, Student Employment Office , (505) 277-3511 or  stuemp@unm.edu