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Forms and Information

Accepting/Declining Work Study Award File
Background Check Information File
Background Check Request Form File
Branch-campus Hiring Process File
Deadlines File
Fall Hiring Guidelines File
Helpful Reports File
Spring 2019 Hiring Deadlines File
Student Employment Hiring Process File
How to Apply for UNM Student Jobs (Students) File
Submitting a Requisition Web Page File
Submitting a Hiring Request File
Completing Onboarding (Internal - Students) File
Completing Onboarding (External - Students) File
UNMJobs History File

Hiring and Job Maintenance Forms
Direct Deposit Instructions File
EPAN Instructions File
EPAN student form File
How to submit an extension EPAF File
How to submit a Job End EPAF File
How to submit a Separation EPAF File
FTE Change Request File
I-9 Form File
Non-Degree Verification Form File
Performance Evaluation File
Two Job Memo   File
Three Job Memo File
W-4 Form File
Work Study Earningsheet - Spring 2019 File
HR Payroll Schedule for EPAF Submission File

  • Employment Requirements - Requirements students must meet in order to be processed through the Student Employment Source Data Station.

  • ePAF Routing List- People within the Student Employment Office to whom you can route ePAF approvals.

  • Frequently Asked Questions - Answers to frequently asked questions about student employment can be found on StudentInfo. Student Employment is a subcategory under Fiancial Aid.

  • Join STUEMP-L

    Subscribe to, or unsubscribe from, the Student Employment listserve. through the Student Employment Source Data Station.

  • Pay Scale - UNM's Student Employee/Work Study Pay Scale & General Grade Definitions.

  • Payroll Schedule - Information regarding pay periods, pay dates, & due dates for time reports.

  • Time Sheet - Students are required to use the new standard time sheet availabe in both MS Excel and PDF formats.